Research & Communication

Clients often want to highlight the impact of their work. Sometimes they need help to bring a dry, complex or little-understood issue to life.

Three qualities set us apart


We use transparent and rigorous data collection and analysis processes. This includes fully transcribing all interviews and focus groups.

Transcripts enrich the quality of analysis, and enhance the stories we can tell from data; providing quotes, examples and case studies that sing with the voice of the lived experience. We also share our coding and analysis frameworks with clients to make sure they understand the analysis journey.


Social skills and emotional intelligence underpin our success as researchers. Clients like working with us because we’re easy to get along with and understand their values, interests and concerns. They trust us to work sensitively, appropriately and meaningfully with the people they serve or support; for example, senior staff recently completed training in youth work, reflecting the range of work we deliver for youth organisations.

We use icebreakers, energisers and other social tools to help put research participants at ease; ultimately this adds to the quality of the information we gather about impact, experiences or views. The strapline Accessible Social Research reflects our emphasis on inclusive, appropriate approaches.


We use advanced writing skills, design, photography and film to bring stories to life. This is because effective communication maximises the impact of research and evaluation work and is a crucial element of its legacy and value. Reflecting our interest in accessibility, we work hard to make sure information reaches interested audiences.

For examples of recent publications, see our staff LinkedIn pages.