A collaborative organisation, we welcome opportunities to work in partnership.

We have worked with a range of agencies, service providers and institutions to develop bids, deliver contracts, enhance funding applications and support the development of the research and evaluation sector.

Combining expertise

We worked with London based design agency, Design Science on a contract for NHS Glasgow and Clyde to co-design a service to support home testing kits for sexual health with a range of at risk groups across Scotland. Our team led the recruitment, fieldwork and analysis in Scotland, and Design Science used the findings to inform their designs.

SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) commissioned The Lines Between to explore the transport behaviours and attitudes of the population in the South East of Scotland over the first few years of the pandemic. We delivered the qualitative research and partnered with 56 Degrees Insight who provided large scale tracking surveys.

Working with The Mental Health Foundation (MHF), See Me, Glasgow Caledonian University, and the University of Melbourne, we undertook a national survey to explore stigma and discrimination experienced by those living with severe, complex and enduring mental illness. This study was the first study of its kind in Scotland.

Adding value as a bidding partner

Our reputation for robust research and evaluation offers added value to partners who wish to capitalise on our unique skill set, and our experience of delivering research and evaluation activities across Scotland. We can strengthen bids by bringing knowledge of local context and policy, our network of recruitment partners, history of working with public bodies in Scotland and an extensive range of community benefits.

For example, we recently developed a bid with Alma Economics to develop a series of case studies demonstrating socio-economic impacts of a new policy across Scotland, and previously partnered with Jacobs on a bid to deliver a multi-million pound strategic housing plan.

Reflecting our expertise in consultation analysis, we partnered with JumpResearch who were commissioned to perform analysis of experiences with Citizen Space, the portal used by the Scottish Government for consultations.

Evaluation and learning partner for funding applications

We are an established and highly regarded social research agency and have worked with a range of large and small funders, trusts and commissioners. This experience is of value to those who need to include an evaluation or learning partner in a funding application. Organisations that have included The Lines Between in their funding or grant application include: Youth Scotland, Penumbra, RIG Arts, Glasgow Film Theatre and Shetland Island Council.

Investing in the next generation of researchers

Reflecting our commitment to sharing knowledge and supporting best practice in social research, we have recently formed a partnership with Edinburgh Napier University to support their new master’s degree in social research, launching in September. Our Managing Director has a role on the programme advisory board, and members of the TLB team will deliver regular guest lectures on careers in social research and delivering in the commercial sector. We will offer paid internships to high-performing students and contribute to their learning and development.

How we work with partners

We work closely with our partners, building strong relationships that work seamlessly.

Some of the ways in which we collaborate are:

  • Joint team meeting at the inception of the project
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are agreed from the outset
  • Single point of contact in our team (project leader)
  • Weekly updates
  • Project review midpoint and prior to finalisation
  • Wrap-up meeting on completion to discuss insights and learnings

If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss with us, email Lorraine Simpson at in the first instance or call us on
0131 235 2012

For examples of recent publications, see our staff LinkedIn pages.