Research & Communication

Clients often want to highlight the impact of their work. Sometimes they need help to bring a dry, complex or little-understood issue to life.

Our staff are fully trained in qualitative and quantitative research techniques and use a range of traditional and innovative approaches.

Much of our work involves groups that are hard to reach, which often entails liaison with stakeholders and service providers; either to explore different perspectives or access networks of potential research participants.

Effective communication helps to encourage participation in research, spread messages and make the best use of resources. Reflecting our interest in accessibility, we work hard to make sure information reaches and engages the right audiences; as a result we have a body of work in print, film and photography.

Our research process

Responding to the research brief illustration

Respond to the research brief

  • Discuss and explore the client’s needs
  • Identify appropriate research strategies that reflect the resources available
  • Agree approach and specify costs, milestones and timescales
Preparation of research illustration


  • Design research questions
  • Prepare other study material
  • Pilot and refine research tools
  • Plan methods to reach target research participants
Apply research methods illustration

Apply research methods

  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Case studies
  • Surveys
  • Consultation events
  • Literature reviews
  • Assessment tools
  • Review complementary data sources
Analysis and reporting illustration

Analysis and reporting

  • Analyse qualitative and quantitative data
  • Agree reporting style(s) which reflect audience preferences
  • Prepare draft and final report
Share and promote findings illustration

Share and promote findings

  • Presentations, workshops and seminars
  • Launch events and conferences
  • Social media campaigns
  • Film and photography outputs
  • News articles
  • Infographics and creative report design